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I’ve got a question about TabloConnect. I know it requires $150 Lifetime subscription to view the out-of-home streaming. I’m thinking about setting up my TabloTV at a friends house nearby Charleston, SC (of course with their permission) so I could watch Charleston local channels here in Greenwood, SC which is about 165 miles from Charleston, is that possible or impossible? I hate hearing bad news. Our NBC station (WYFF channel 4) does not carry Today Show’s 4th hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda hosting. But WCBD in Charleston do carry them.

How does this out-of-home streaming works if you set it up at your friends house and watch it at your own house miles away with Amazon Fire TV stick?

Of course, I’m a moderate to bad TV reception area (which is about 50-100 miles from most TV towers) unfortunately.

You just need any subscription to use Tablo Connect, though the lifetime one is the most economical.

The biggest limitation will be the internet upload speed at your friend’s house. The better it is, the better quality stream you will have. What you really want is Full Quality, which doesn’t require any extra tuners, but you will need about a 10.0 Mbps upload speed for that to work. If your friend has less, then you may be stuck at one of the transcoded rates, like 2 Mbps.

Once this new firmware is released (hopefully this week), the Fire should work much better.

All of snowcat’s points are great.

The next main issue for someone looking to use the Tablo like you is the requirement to ‘pair’ devices locally with the Tablo before using them remotely. Read about ‘pairing’ in the link below. The issue is that devices become un-paired with the Tablo say when the local router reboots, the WAN IP changes, etc. The pairing is not meant to last months.

Some time in the future they will be adding the ability to have a login to watch remotely instead of having to be paired. I have no idea when it is coming, but until it does, the device needs to be paired locally. Sometimes during updates, the Tablo forgets it has already been paired and you need to pair it again.

I can’t wait for TabloTV to use password/login format for remote viewing which is a very good idea. Has the paired format been complicated?

I haven’t officially heard if there’s any timeline or inclination to rework the need for local pairing.

Until there’s “official” word don’t buy anything based on “assumptions” by forum users.

We paired my wife’s iphone during her bi-yearly visit to my work city location only to have it lose pairing 2 weeks later. Needless to say, she’s not a fan of Tablo.

You should also check if your friends would be cool assigning manual port confirgurations for Tablo in their router. If so, that may help avoid some of the need to re-pair devices from time to time.

When Tablo remote connect works, it works great. Much better than anything I’ve used to stream OTA HDTV and I’ve used a few things over many years.

When it loses pairing and you won’t have your device back at the site location anytime soon, you won’t be a very happy Tablo customer.

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I hate bad news!

Paired format aka Tablo Connect does NOT exist on the Roku system, so Roku and Roku Stick can NOT currently be used remotely. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are similar to Android, so they do have Tablo Connect. I have NOT used it yet on Fire TV but use it on my Android Phone during lunch all the time without a problem, except if electricy goes out at my home.

Pairing works on iOS devices too.

I’ve seen it mentioned on the forum and Tablo says it is on the “to do list”, but there is NO time frame for it, so I would not look for it until next year or later.

On the other hand, the support for larger hard drives is around the corner, and I think it will be the first week or two of August. It is almost ready except for a few drives. If it was up to me, it would be released Tuesday and the disk NOT TO BUY mentioned, as well as the 5 TB that they HAVE TESTED without any problem. But it isn’t up to me :slight_smile: