TABLO works with my 5g phone but not with my TV using a ROKU device

The TABLO scan for channels gave me 17 working OTA channels. I was excited, I can view all of them on my 5G phone, however, I can’t on my Roku device attached to my TV. Does my ROKU need to be updated to 4G?

There is a new app (roku channel) for 4th gen devices, if that’s what you are asking?

(assuming maybe you had one of the prior gen Tablo devices)

I have a new 4th gen device. However, maybe I do need a new app. Can you share that link.

Just search for “Tablo” on your Roku.

You want the one that looks like this:


Yeah I have that one. Dang.

What is it doing when you launch the app? Is it not finding your Tablo?

If it isn’t finding it, are your phone and Roku on the same network?

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