Tablo Works on Cruise Ship

Before you crucify me for watching TV on a cruise ship, I was on a two week cruise to the Caribbean.  We had a late dinner, lost our “limit” at the Casino and had seen all the shows on-board.  We retired to our stateroom around 10 pm, and the cruise ship TV was a continual loop of advertising for the cruise line and repeats of the same shows.  This cruise ship was touted as having a new O3b network with speeds meant for streaming.  I purchased the Premium Plus Package for a day (with loyalty discount applied) to test it out that night.  Amazing…wired the ASUS notebook to the wide-screen and let Tablo synch…The picture quality for “Live” and recorded programming was perfect.   It was nice to watch home town local news and Castle. Score another point for Tablo!

Awesome! Glad to hear it :smiley:

Hope you enjoyed your vacation!