Tablo won't use DHCP reservation

4 Tuner Tablo won’t accept a static IP address from my router, an Apple Airport Extreme. I’ve entered a reservation for my Mac and it accepts the static IP. I’ve triple checked that I have the correct MAC address and rebooted the Tablo and Airport several times, no luck.

Tablo is at version 2.2.16. The DHCP lease is set to 1 day but I’ve been trying this for 3 or 4 days.

Post screen grabs of the Tablo settings screen and the Airport Extreme config page.


Good point Diver


One for port 80 and one for port 8887

AC AirPort Extreme

That’s for port forwarding. The OP is having a problem with a DHCP reservation. Different issue.

You are correct sir here’s my DHCP screenshot

Fixed. I was entering the MAC address listed on the Tablo box and from the settings screen in my browser. I looked at the Hardware Address that the Airport was seeing and it was completely different. I plugged that into my DHCP reservations and the IP address is now correct.

Now on to remote access …

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Ah. You were putting in the ethernet MAC address, but you’re connected to the AE via Wifi (which has a different address).