Tablo won't stay connected to Google Wifi Guest Network

Not sure if it was a Tablo or a Google Wifi update, but now the connection doesn’t hold up.

We have two Tablo units at our home. One was setup for a mother in-law apartment where the place is isolated on a Google Wifi Guest Network with a Roku TV. This configuration worked nicely for over a year, but something recently changed and won’t connect about 90% of the time.

I tried swapping the Tablo units, Google Wifi hubs, and resetting everything. I tried connecting to the Tablo through a laptop, phone, and Roku TV. It might work for a little bit right after a network reset, but then it just goes dark. If I hardwired to the network it’s fine, but I want it isolated on the guest Wifi so the Roku TV only sees the one Tablo.

The only way I could resolve it was put another Linksys Wifi router in the system to have the Tablo and RokuTV on an isolated wifi network.

Am I alone with this problem?

thank you

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Lots of issues posted on the interweb with google wifi. I have fiber and have abandoned the wifi capabilities with the box that came with it. In addition, because using the guest network it might be the lease is not automatically remembered and auto connected by definition “guest”. If you want it isolated, just use one of the other bands for a hidden network of a different name is a thought rather than pushing an unstable position IMHO.