Tablo wont scan channels

This is my second Dual Tablo, replaced the first one after the internal tuners or receivers ceased functioning. The new unit is connected just like the previous one which worked fine for a couple years. Ethernet from Orbi router to satellite in same room as tablo, then ethernet from orbi satellite to tablo.
Not sure when the issue began because I took a break from OTA tv for a couple weeks.
Now the tablo will not find any channels when scanning, and the guide is blank, and says it has not been updated in 51 years.
Tablo support says it is due to the mesh router I have, but I never have used wifi to connect to the tablo so do not understand how that could impact it. Has anyone here experienced it, and if so how to rectify the problem. I’m thinking the refurbished unit I purchased last month is faulty, but have not had any luck getting it replaced to see if that fixes the issue.

And 51 years ago was 1970. It’s back to the future.

start of the Unix epoch at 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UT.

So somehow you need to get the proper time on the tablo unit. And probably anything that might have time corruption in it’s database.

Did you try rebooting the router? Could be ntp (network time protocol) settings in router.

Since tablo thinks the guide update was 51 years ago, it’s probably more that tablo currently has the current date. And that at some time in the past it had a date offset from epoch of zero.

And only tablo support knows what might have the incorrect time and needs to be adjusted.

Definitely recommend rebooting the router, and then the Tablo. As others have mentioned, this sounds like an NTP failure. Once this is done, check the guide update status: if it begins to update, you should be good to go.