Tablo won't Re-boot

So I was trying to reboot my Tablo (pressing the blue button on back) to try and solve yet another Tablo issue (some channels just ‘flash’ and go back to the channel info page when I try to go to it) and my Tablo won’t reboot. The blue light will just flash for over 5 minutes. I’ll then have to pull the power chord in the back and wait a minute and plug it back in. This is the only thing that works.
What’s the deal? Why won’t the blue button reboot my Tablo?

Have you ever wondered what your Tablo was trying to tell you when the LED blinks? Here’s a quick guide:

Blinking rapidly (4/sec) – Tablo is starting up, initial phase (OS is loading)
Blinking slowly (1/sec) – Tablo is starting up, second phase (Tablo software is loading)
Pulsing – The hard drive is being formatted or repaired
Solid – Tablo is on, connected and your LED setting is On
Off – Either Tablo has no power (unplugged) or Tablo is on and your LED setting is off

It sounds like it may have been rebooting. Were they fast blinks, slow blinks, or both?

Thanks but it’s none of these problems. I let it blink for 15 minutes last night and I know it wasn’t formatting my hard drive that’s been connected for a few months now and the Tablo doesn’t take this long to start up.

@ocsurf - Touch base with support. We’ll get this patched up for you:

Last night I watched a recorded show on my Roku Stick and right after I watched it I lost connection with the Tablo. If I reboot the Tablo, will I lose all my recordings? Any suggestions.

If you press & release the reboot button your Tablo quickly (DO NOT HOLD IT) that is a soft reboot and everything will be A-OK. It’s only when you press & hold the reset button that you will do a factory reset which will cause the loss of recordings.

I would also start with rebooting your router, then the Tablo, then the Roku in that order and wait a minute or two between each.

Thanks. Will do when I get home.