Tablo wont play recordings of OTA show on both my TVs

I’ve got 2 TVs. If I record -say- the CBS Sunday Morning show on 1 TV when I go to the 2nd TV it doesn’t show any recording available. Tablo and each TV on the same network. Any idea how to fix?

You didn’t say that device and/or app you are using on the 2nd TV.

Say you record it 1 TV… is it a TV HDMI connected tablo (the recording should be on the tablo)? How are you trying to get it to show up on your 2nd TV?

What exactly Tablo device to you? Do you have a Tablo DUAL or Tablo DUAL HDMI?

I have the dual lit dvr

So what are your playback devices on those different TVs? Each TV must be connecting to only one Tablo that is connected via your router so everything should be in sync.

Don’t understand the question. 2 TV’s, each connected to the same tablo via wifi. One vizio, one sony. There’s no issue getting the channels on either. So, I can begin watching a live program on the Visio and then go and watch the rest of the program on the Sony. But if I hit record on the Visio and then later try and see that recording on the Sony it doesn’t work. The Visio still has it and plays the recording

Your Vizio and Sony TVs both have native Tablo apps? Maybe the app doesn’t work well on those individual TVs. Try another playback device such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, or web browser on a computer.

Okay, may do.
Thank you