Tablo Won't Go to Video after Channel Selected

My Tablo worked fine yesterday morning. However, in the evening, it wouldn’t let me watch live TV or any of the video recordings. This happened on all 3 TVs - each with a different Roku. I select the channel from the lineup. A message indicating the video is being retrieved pops up, and then the cursor is returned to the channel I selected. Same sort of thing happens when I try to view a recorded video. I’ve had the Tablo for almost a month now and this is the first time this has happened. How can this be corrected? I am able to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime via the Roku, so it appears to be a Tablo problem.

Try unplugging the Hard drive from the Tablo and rebooting the Router and then reboot the Tablo and plug the hard drive back in.

Thank you. The solution worked.

I will say I am disappointed that I was without use of my Tablo, live television, recordings, etc. for the whole weekend, including the Emmys last night. I will be interested to see if any shows I tried to record actually recorded. Perhaps in Canada you do not provide customer service over the weekend, but I imagine you have a number of American customers who expect better response time. Perhaps you can consider having a tech person on call over the weekend. Many businesses require their IT professionals to be on call to respond to outages during off hours.

I don’t work for Nuvyyo, I am here helping because I like the product. You can come here for help on the weekends, there is usually someone lurking around here :smile:


And we also have lots of troubleshooting ideas/suggestions at which can get you out of most scrapes.

Thanks, philsoft. Looked but couldn’t find solution on site. Apparently I’m still waiting for customer service from Nuyvo.