Tablo wont connect

I have my tablo hardwired to my router and my desktop computer to the router as well. Still unable to connect. Please help.

Are you able to go into the router’s admin utility and see the device and it’s IP? I believe the MAC address is on the bottom of the Tablo if unsure, though I think it has a default name with “Tablo” in it, so should be fairly obvious.

Does your router support 100Mbit connections? I only ask because it’s a possibility. With that said, you might share the make and model of the router with us.

I have a tp link ac1750 archer c7. I can see the Mac and the ip is

I just keep getting this message.

One thing to check into, mate, is your extensions. Some time ago (maybe a year), I was unable to connect to the Tablo unless I used that spy mode on the Chrome programme. Someone on this forum suggested the problem might be a conflicting extension, so I disabled a number of them and then I was finally able to connect in the regular mode.

But before you do that, first hit the red X and do the “Connect to a new Tablo”. If that doesn’t work, then try the spy mode. If the spy mode works, then it is some extension causing the trouble.


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On your router, assign the MAC address for Tablo outside your DHCP pool or to an IP address you know won’t be assigned to any other device. Like assigning to Tablo’s MAC address. Assuming you don’t have 116 devices on your network, that IP address should not be used by any device. If the issue is being caused by an IP conflict, this should resolve it.

Next, try a different web browser and see if that will connect.

So this fixed the issue but now I keep getting errors saying weak signal. I have a strong signal when connected to a tv and also showing 5 green circles.

Go to TVFool and get the compass degrees on the direction you should be pointing your antenna. I had similar issue before. Hooked up directly to the TV and got good signal. Hooked up to Tablo and got not so good. It is because there is a splitter into the Tablo so you are losing 7db on the tuner which means it is not so forgiving when the antenna is not properly pointed. I kid you not, when I first pointed my antenna I eyeballed it, thinking that is the general direction of the stations. It worked-ish. After losing signal too many times, I got the compass degrees from TVFool that said all the channels I wanted to get were between 138* and 140*. Using my iPhone’s compass I checked my eyeball work and it was pointing 145* (not bad for just winging it). I then turned it just a little to get it to 139* and I have not had a dropped channel since.