Tablo won't connect to tv

My tablo won’t connect to tv. It’s steady blue, I’ve reset it 3 times, it’s hardwired to router, reset router too. My android tablo app finds it in 1 second. I want it to connect to the tv. It’s been connected, but it seems if i funny is it for a few days, it won’t ever connect again. I’ve done a hard reset, losing all recorded programs. It’s a LG tv and the tablo had no problem connecting to the internet just the tv.
Any suggestions?

Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time with setting up your new Tablo.

Couple quick questions:

  • Is your TV Android? Google? Roku? FireTV?
  • Do you have the dark blue Tablo app downloaded on your TV?
  • How is your TV connected to the internet?
    ** Are other apps on your TV able to access the internet?
    ** Is there any sort of router, extender, or repeater used for either device?
  • Looking at your Android device, are there are any differences in connection between it and the TV?

The more information you can provide, the better it helps us figure out where there is a problem. It sounds like you’ve done a lot on your own and I appreciate your sharing that with us. Hopefully, we can get this resolved without having to factory reset anything again!

I did everything suggested. It wasn’t any of that. I fixed it. I had to uninstall and re- install the app on the tv and it connected quickly after that.
Thanks for the reply.

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Awesome! Thanks for coming back and give us the update.

If it happens again, try uninstalling the app, rebooting the TV, then reinstalling it. This helps clear up any lingering files before you reinstall, but usually isn’t necessary.

Good luck and enjoy your Table adventure.

Update…I turn my tv off to go to bed, like everyone does and the next day, it can’t connect again until I delete app and reinstall. That’s not what I want to do everytime I turn my tv back on… that makes tablo a real pain…

Was the tablo app(s) connected to any devices when you went to bed. Did you exit the app before you turned off the TV. idle or sleep timers or screen saver on the TV.

@David_Pinkard - I go to sleep with Tablo on and my TV automatically shuts off after about 1.5hrs but never have trouble starting the app the next morning so far, but I have Samsung and Vizio TV’s with 4K FireTV app.

Are you using a LG smart TV with the Tablo app connecting from within the library content?

I have a new LG tv. I just turned the tv off. I have to run tablo app thru the newest firecube cause LG will only give me the “white” tablo app for the other models not for gen 4 one. The cube has the right app. There is nothing else connected except antenna for the tablo. I have the tablo hardwired and it has no problem finding the internet (solid blue). The app has a problem finding the tablo until I uninstall and reinstall it. I usually just leave the tv on the cube when I turn it off. Tonight, I’ll exit tablo app before shutting down and see what happens tomorrow.

You could always clear the app data on the cube and see if it finds the tablo. Would your router be reassigning the tablo IP address in the middle of the night.

I’m not sure about the router reassigning the IP.
I had a VPN on the tv, tablo definitely didn’t work with that. I found a lot of sites don’t work when a VPN is active. I’m not sure what they are good for when you have to turn them off for so many things. I keep one on my pc for business and cell when I travel. I’ll have to keep a watch tonight. Phone tablo app works fast everytime.