Tablo Won't Connect After Router Change

I just changed from COX to Verizon FIOS, necessitating a change in routers (my old router won’t function with theirs I’m told - they share IP addresses, now using a Verizon router), which means I need to move my Tablo over to the new network. Should be easy, but Tablo won’t rebroadcast its WIFI network ID for me to make the wireless connection to the new router/network.

I’ve done both the soft and hard reboot. I’ve read in other threads to go and disconnect in the app, problem is the app can’t see it, as it isn’t on the network. Currently viewing through a ROKU device.

After fighting with it few days I’m about to throw the darn thing in the trash… These could be such cool devices, but the things seem to constantly hiccup, and is currently not usable at all.

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Did you follow these instructions?

I don’t think you can change WiFi networks with the Roku. Use an iPhone or iPad (or any smartphone or tablet) or a computer with WiFi such as a laptop.

These instructions don’t work, as the device isn’t connected to the Roku app. It is also not broadcasting an ID so I can reconnect it via the web site.

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Yes, I’ve been trying to use a computer. The problem is there is no broadcasted network ID from the Tablo to reconnect it to the network.