Tablo won't change channels

New tablo user (in fact evaluating).  Everything seems to work okay until I want to change channels.  Then I get stream error on either client (roku 3 or Firefox).  If I go back to original channel works fine again.  If I reset tablo,  the first channel I choose is the only one I can access. 

@tablosupport, Any ideas why the channel changing function won’t work?  thanks!  I think I also submitted a ticket though I have not heard anything.

@dcon1138 Do you have a hard drive attached?

I don’t see anything on the support system from you - did you send it from your current email address that you’re using here? 

@tablosupport Hmm… I thought so.  I can try again if you suggest.  thanks!

@dcon1138 Let me know about the hard drive. You can reach me directly here

@tablosupport I submitted the ticket.  Please  let me know if you don’t get it.  Also the HD seems to record okay when using the pause function, play functions.

@dcon1138 Ticket received :slight_smile: