Tablo won’t connect via web app or android app CONT

I don’t know why the thread on this topic was closed and it looks like around March 7th 2022. Looks like a lot of people have had this problem. I recently bought a Tablo and have had nothing but problems trying to get a connect with my Android phone running version 13 of the OS. I called support they told me the wait time was 9 minutes. I waited for 20 minutes and then the automated voice told me that there’s no one available, to call back “later” and then disconnected me. WTF.
I’ve hard reset my device twice. I have no VPN. Same issue. I can get it to connect to my Wi-Fi. I get a solid blue light and then the app on my phone errors out & tells me to call Tablo support which I do and I explained what happened up above. Also emailed them but troubleshooting something like this via email is cumbersome. All I seem to get is sorry for the inconvenience? You need a “live” person. I’m sending this POS back and going to try and find another solution perhaps TiVo has a newer model!

Which Tablo did you buy, the legacy or the fourth gen?