Tablo without internet

I am NOT very good with electronics. At my age, I’m more used to clearing up my picture by turning the rabbit ears.

I live in a remote area and only have internet with Starlink. Everything worked fine till my Starlink took a dump. It will be out for a month, waiting on parts. I would like to at least use my Tablo, but with no internet, it says “no”.

My Starlink router still works. I have a Tablo Quad unit that I use with Roku.

Is there any way a non tech savvy person such as I can do this? The only way I have internet now is on my phone when I’m in town.

Thank you

You could put a splitter between the Tablo and your tv, so you can at least watch live TV.

If youre going to buy a splitter, Id go with Eagle or Blonder Tongue brand.

I removed the coax from the tablo and hooked it up to my tv. I do have live tv. My tablo has hundreds of programs that I would watch. Live tv is something, but not a lot of what I watch.

Thank you for replying and for the suggestion.

Tablo Quad as in Legacy model? Or Tablo 4 tuner Gen4?

I have the Gen4 2 tuner and when the servers are down, I can press the enter button to pass through that loading screen. It’s a little janky on the Roku, but worked. I can also watch recorded shows on my iphone too.

I have an older model, not the Gen 4

If you have a PC you could download your shows onto it from the Tablo using Tablo Ripper. Not very convenient but if your internet will be out for a month it would be worth accessing some or all of the recorded programs. You could then use VLC to play them back on the PC or if you have a laptop connect it to your TV for playback.


This has been brought up a number of times, once by myself. It is a frustrating situation and I’ve been in this before. Lots of recorded shows, on my Tablo, in my home, but because internet is out, I can’t watch them directly. I know there are workarounds, but I’d love to see a fix to this.

Recently ATT was running fiber down my street, cut my Centurylink. My legacy worked the 3 days till line was repaired.

When ATT came to our city (DSL days), they ripped up so many gas lines that they were temporarily banned by the city.

Edit: They were warned if they couldn’t get their act together, they would be kicked out permanently. Btw, at the time, fastest growing city and one of the wealthiest cities in the USA.

Ha! Why am I not surprised? :roll_eyes: