Tablo with Samsung missing functions

I have a Samsung 2020 Q70R. I am using the native (I think) Tablo app that popped up when I searched for, and downloaded, the app from the Home screen. The app allows me to navigate Tablo functions, but I can’t pause live TV and then FF through the content. FF takes me immediately to the live point in time rather than slewing through the content. From the responses I’ve read on the Samsung forums, this is a Tablo responsibility. If so, will there be an update to address this issue?

The only exception is the native Tablo app on Samsung TIZEN Smart TVs.

Might be “Tablo responsibility” depending upon your perspective… because it kind’a works on pretty much every other platform. So yea, they just couldn’t figure it out? :neutral_face:

I was playing around with my Tablo app on my Samsung, and I bet the internal memory is just too low to handle manipulating live TV. It allowed me to pause and rewind when I first tune to a channel, but it quickly gets to a point where it will not show live tv anymore, and I have to exit the channel and go back in to get to “live”.

I even got to a point where all I received was 401 Player Error, even when tuning to other channels.

Of course it docent meet the specs of a Samsung. For $150 it’s likely going to do what you want it to do with little struggles… you can watch TV instead of looking for answers

Thanks. Because of this, I connected Tablo to my Samsung using a ROKU Premier that I already had from a previous failed cord-cutting attempt. I now have the missing functions through the ROKU-provided app. I’m not sure if the video quality is different going this way, but I’ll do some comparison and check it out. I’m not impressed with the Tablo-ROKU video quality for live sports compared with Spectrum cable TV. With an 82" QLED, it’s hard not to notice the difference, both in smoothness of motion and sharpness.

You should get the new Tablo DUAL HDMI then, it doesn’t compress the video.

How does this differ from the Quad, which has HDMI output?

Why don’t you run a length of RG6 to the TV and watch pure TV. If it’s “too far” get an amplified splitter.

of course not, tablo transcodes the raw OTA data so it can stream it. It’s truly the same directly OTA via your TVs tuner (or directly from any tuner).

If you’d have an HDMI Tablo, I’d just as well split the antenna and connect it to the TV as well, and use the tablo for DVR and “live TV” via the television’s tuner… but that’s me.

Good solution, but signal strength and distance between components would be the problem for me, even if I was willing to buy another HDMI-connected
Tablo. But that’s my problem. I’m slowly but surely working through the options and getting a passable combination. Thanks for your inputs.

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That’s what I did, finally. I used the existing cable wiring in my house to carry the split antenna signal directly to my TV’s RF input, with the other split signal to the Tablo. I was concerned the length of the wiring path carrying the live signal would insert too much attenuation, but with the Wineguard Ultra low-noise preamp it seems to be working fine.

That’s a great solution to maintain the native video quality for live sports. Many do not consider it.

If you have a great signal to start with, a whole bunch of RG6 shouldn’t kill it. If you’re running it through your house, yes some (distribution) amp is always a good idea. I have a 30yr original antenna [pre-HD era] with over 50’ of cable, I’m about 50mi from any transmitting towers with everything in between.

In the end, not you can enjoy the game the way it's meant to be watched!