Tablo with Roku or Nvidea shield

Looking at dropping cable and buying a Tablo for OTA dvr feature and the ability to watch on other devices wireless.
What I’m stuck on is using it with a Roku Ultra or a Nvidea shield.
I don’t mind spending the extra money on the shield, but is there any benefit if I am not going to be using for gaming?


If you are just interested in a streaming device, I would stick to a Roku. The Shield is a very powerful box, but it is overkill for the Tablo. I currently have a Roku stick (2nd gen), Roku Premiere Plus, and a Roku Express (all three using wifi), and the Tablo performs great on all three.

I also like the Roku family since it supports all the apps I use.


If you run a plex server, the shield will play everything you can throw at it. Other than that, I don’t see a benefit.

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This. We love our Shield TV but we also use Plex as our primary playback UI so using the Shield TV as a Plex server works out well.

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I guess I’ll have to look more at Plex, I guess I thought it was just software that included the program guide?

It is just software, we just like the unified UI since have both our movies and TV shows in it. The remote and sync (download) functionality is also useful.

Yes but synch has been known to be a challenge.

Still loving Plex.

Interesting that Tablo and Plex have problems with “sync” and they are too very different things. Maybe any feature that is bad or broken we should always call it “sync”?

Different synch problems.

Plex downloads to your device, makes a local copy of the show. In the proper format so the file will play natively on your device. For me, when syncing with Plex to a wireless device, I found that not letting it sleep allows the content to synch, but you want to do it on your home network.

Also, when deleting your content, you should be on your home network and it has its problems as well.

Synch on the Tablo means you need an internet connection. Plex shows that are synced do not require an internet connection.

While you can access your Plex data off your network, if your internet fails at home. There are reports (many of them) stating you cannot access your content. Plex servers phone home as well.

Each system has it’s warts and it’s place. For me, I love the idea of Plex, jsut wish they focus on more user related wants/needs. Instead of giving us VR, make synch work.

I use Plex’s Sync functionality pretty frequently and I don’t encounter these issues. I delete sync’d content off my phone after viewing it while away from home with zero issues and I know it’s changing the watched status on the Plex server as I can switch over and see it is flagged as watched immediately after watching the sync’d copy.

I generally don’t have any issues with sync completing successfully if my phone has had the screen turn off or anything like that if that’s what you are encountering.