Tablo with Roku Express

I’ve got 3 Roku devices including a Roku Express. The Roku Express does not seem to work with Tablo. I’ve tried factory resets to everything, moving devices around, etc. Are Tablo and Roku Express not compatible? I can’t see any documentation about it.

Is that the classic model 3700 or 3900 Express, or the new model 3930 Express introduced a few months ago? (On the Roku, go to Settings>System>About to get the model number).

I have the older model 3900 (actually it’s the Express+ 3910 edition) and it works fine.

And what’s happening when you try to use it? Does it see the Roku, if so does it connect, or what exactly isn’t working?

You’ll need to make sure that the Tablo and the ROKU are on the same network and that this network is NOT a guest network as that will disable device-to-device communication.