Tablo with remote

I talked to tablo and they said the tablo with remote not available except refurbished. it tells me that people who are switching and saving money aren’t seeing the better benefit and aren’t used to adapting.

Anyone else.

I have the original 2 tuner and it’s awesome.

Anyone else with different opinions on their experiences.

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The Tablo store does show both HDMI units as being “sold out”. However, you can get them at Amazon (and maybe other stores). But it is possible that the Tablo folks aren’t going to make any more, instead focusing on the ATSC 3.0 HDMI Tablo when it (eventually) is released.

Thats what I was thinking. What are they focusing on? I wanted to call a customer and mention to them. But apparently some aren’t wanting to hear it.

I do resell on amazon. the one with remote is sold out until further notice. It answers the question.