Tablo with no antenna, Locast only?

Hi, I just got a Tablo Quad in hopes of connecting it to Locast since I have no OTA signal where I live. However, I can’t get past the Scan for Channels part of the Tablo setup. It keep scanning, and of course, finding no channels since I have no antenna.
Is what I’m trying to do even possible? I have the Tablo app set up on my Roku. But some how need to get the set up to ignore the fact I have no antenna. Thanks for any help.

No, Tablo is OTA only. Not Locast.

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Thanks. I’m usually better about doing research before making such a purchase. Here I thought I saw Tablo and Locast together somewhere, but probably was on the Roku site, where I was thinking that meant I could do Tablo with Locast. I even purchased a 1 TB SSD for it, and a lifetime subscription. Dang, what a waste.

Sorry to hear that, if you’re within the first 30 days of the Tablo you can return it. Tablo might be nice enough to refund your lifetime sub too if you ask nicely (I have no idea if they will).

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Even if some site may have mis-lead you… where did you purchase it from?!?

Doesn’t appear any of the official Amazon, Best Buy, Shop Tablo places even suggest there’s any use for it without an antenna?

Just wondering… why you’d buy a entire lifetime subscription before even setting it up, much less trying to 30-day trial?

Here’s something you’ll want to read -

Tablo Warranty and Returns | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo,

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Thanks for this info. I see the page that led me to believe Tablo would work with Locast. It was on the Tablo site here:

To your other questions, I purchased it from Amazon, where the seller was shown as the Tablo Store.
I did ponder which subscription to go with, even considering doing none, but figured if I purchased a monthly, I’d end up paying for that plus the lifetime. I even put all the options in Excel, and looked at the cost of each option over a 5 year period. And for less than $200 bucks, I figured I’d just get the lifetime from the beginning so I wouldn’t be bothered with monthly fees. I guess I was already assuming it would actually work. I’m not giving up hope yet. I think next I will need to get up on my roof and see if I can get any OTA signal. When I moved here in 1998, we couldn’t then. But maybe now it will. That will be the test to see if I get to use it, or have to return it.

Try going to and using their tool to search by address
to see what stations are in your area and what direction the broadcast towers are from you. That way you can get an idea what might be available to see if its worth climbing up on the roof.

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Thanks, I had not heard of tvfool before. According to it, I should be able to get reception. They are even saying with an indoor, or attic antenna. That surprises me, but looks promising.
Here’s the report link.

I see they suggest locact as an option for local TV. You have invested a lot of time as well as money in this! (Maybe spend $5 for an extra month ensuring it meets your needs first)

As suggested, broadcast TV has grown over the years, you can also check DTV Reception Maps | Federal Communications Commission where the othersites get much of their info.

Before you invest too much more, I hope you verify any return/refund policy and time line.

A quality antenna properly mounted can be the foundation of your OTA expirence.

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Hi, I just wanted to update my situation for anyone who falls into the same thing. The good news, is I now have the Tablo running with an antenna and getting lots of channels.
Here’s what I did if it helps someone else.

  • I paid the Antenna Man his $30 fee to get his recommendation for an antenna setup.
  • I went with this long range Televes antenna. This thing is built like a tank and works great.
  • I decided to first try the antenna in the attic rather than on the roof to avoid having to run a lighting ground wire and mess up the roof. To my surprise, I’m getting great reception in the attic!
  • So now I’m living the dream of free OTA TV with the ability to record and skip commercials.
    Thanks for everyone’s help and advice.

That thing is a beast.

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