Tablo with coax cable

I receive basic cable (coax connection (no box)) and was hoping to use Tablo to provide an onscreen guide and dvr. When I try to scan for channels with Tablo it finds no channels.

Is there any solution that can provide on screen guide and dvr with basic cable? Cable company no longer offers a box.

You have to hook up the Tablo to a coax connection from an TV antenna. Then you can scan for all the over the air ota channels in your area. There are a number of web sites that you can use to find your ota channels. Search for ota channel finder.

Try: Try : or

or How To Locate Free OTA Antenna TV Channels in your Area - YouTube

Tablo works with only an OTA antenna, not cable TV.

To be specific, Tablo works with an off air digital television signal, while legacy basic cable typically sends signals with the old analog NTSC standard.