Tablo wired to network. Can't connect PC via WiFi

Hi all.

My Tablo is connected to my network by Ethernet cable. I have a PC that has only WiFi. The PC is connected to the same network; however, when (in Google Chrome) I scan for the Tablo, no Tablos are found.

Am I going to have to change the Tablo to WiFi in order to connect this PC (and future PCs)?

[edit] Actually, switching the Tablo to WiFi did not work either.[/edit]

Thank you for any thoughts on how to resolve this issue.

If you haven’t rebooted your router, I recommend that as a first step. A lot of “no Tablo found” errors are resolved that way.

Can you connect to your Tablo with any other device successfully?

Thank you guys. Actually, I had forgotten that the laptop had a VPN running. Once I shut the VPN off, I connected to the Tablo just fine.

Fortunately, after the initial connection, Tablo seems to be working once I re-enable the VPN. Cool stuff.

Thank you again!

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Glad it is working for you.

Do you have Tablo Connect enabled and properly setup? If so, when the VPN is turned on, you may be accessing the Tablo “remotely”.

Yes, I have the remote feature set up. Initially, I’m fine with connecting remotely – although, I haven’t tested the quality of viewing recorded TV shows on it yet today.

I will see if there is a way to allow Tablo traffic to skip the VPN.