Tablo will not connect to roku

My Tablo plays fine on my iPhone but not on my Roku. It says Tablo not found before I uninstalled and reinstalled the Roku Tablo app. Now when I search for it the picture shows as if I don’t have a Tablo. I press search and it looks for it but comes back to the new picture again. If it works on my phone why not my tv?

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Hi there @Rknapp, I might be able to help.

This issue sometimes has to do with your network setup. Can you let me know both how the Tablo and Roku are connected to your home network? That is say, over Wi-Fi for both, Ethernet for both, or one on Wi-Fi, and one on Ethernet?

Also verify that both are on the same network.

We switched isp service and it stopped working we also have a new router that came with the isp. I can’t change the settings on the Tablo because I can’t connect as it doesn’t find it. Will it work if I connect it wired?

It’s possible that your ISP change could be the culprit. So was the Roku Tablo app able to see and connect to your Tablo with your previous ISP?

But also, would you be able to clarify your physical setup and let me know how you currently have your Tablo and Roku connected your network? Are they both connected over Wi-Fi? One ethernet cable, and one Wi-Fi?

And lastly, would you be able to verify in your Roku network settings that it’s on the same LAN as your Tablo? You can confirm this by checking the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to when it’s able to connect to your Tablo.

I know that the new isp and router are on a new address and password. How can I change this on the Tablo if it doesn’t connect to the Roku?

You need to use the smartphone Tablo app, or via a web browser.
You should then be able to Edit Wi-Fi settings on your Tablo.

Thanks will try that and hope for the best!

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