Tablo will not connect to Firestick without rebooting

I did search this topic but haven’t found a fix for me. Bought a white Tablo a few months ago and have had a continuous problem with the app not connecting to my Amazon Firestick. Works fine with my phone but would rather not have to squint at the tiny screen to watch a recorded show! Screen warning says “Taking too long to connect,” and suggests that I reboot the Tablo That seems to work but who wants to keep doing that?! I’ve cleared cache and data in the Tablo app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted Firestick, etc, but nothing helps. Maybe an authentication issue?? I opened a Support ticket but crickets from them. Help!

Chuckg which fireTV stick are you using as Tablo 4th gen does not work with all of them. If you go to their website they tell you which ones work!

I am using a FireTV sitck 4k and have 3 TV’s with them and Tablo 4th gen works fine. Well almost fine as there are still some issues.

Also you need to install the correct Tablo app from Amazon for your FireTV stick. You will see the option to install several. The one you want to install says TABLO TV.

Thanks, L. Here is what I have I think, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Bought it in Nov. 2021. Website says : * Amazon Fire TV streaming device is compatible. So it seems like the Fire Stick should be compatible but who knows? I did make sure I opened the TabloTV app, i.e the correct one. Anyway, as I said, my Tablo works ok if I power cycle it. (Did not see the reboot button until just now, will try same). Just don’t want to have to do that each time!


I have been using this on a 2nd gen 4k max as well as the 1st gen 4k max without connection problems (except for the random app reloads).

Out of curiosity, when you are done using watching Tablo-related content, how do you go about exiting the app?

Sometimes on the Android or FireOS versions of the app, if you just turn the TV off and try to use it later, you end up with the spinning circle of doom. (LOL, sorry, I’m in a mood this morning). When that starts, if you press the back button you can usually get back to your Tablo’s screen. There seems to a problem with the network loss when it goes into sleep mode, IMHO.

However, if you use the back button until you tell it to “Yes, exit Tablo”, this issue seems to be less frequent as it knows to look for the device and isn’t trying to hold an older connection.

It’s likely that I’m misunderstanding what you are explaining and I apologize if this isn’t your full issue. If it’s purely a connection issue, there a a few other things you can try.

With yesterday’s server outage, I had to power cycle my entire network so that the Tablo would connect without issue. I know it’s a hassle, but rebooting at least your WiFi might help clear up some old connections and give a fresh IP to your Tablo which might help stabilize the connection. If you’re not up to that quite yet, go into your Firestick settings and turn off your network. Wait about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. Sometimes this may be all you need to re-establish a proper connection.

One other thing that’s helped while they work on improving the app is to do a force-reboot/cache clear on your Firestick. Hold down your “Play/Pause” and “OK” (center circle button) for about ten seconds until it says “Your firestick 4k Max is powering off” (or something similar – it goes by too fast for me to catch it).

Ever since learning this, it has been my go-to whenever I’m experiencing an app-, stick-, or FireTV-related issue. It’s faster than going through the Manage Applications setting and seems to help the system all around. This is also a way to regain some memory that’s been used up by apps still running in the background.

If this is unhelpful, I have another network suggestion that has helped in the past but I have not needed to use since getting my new modem and router. There are two apps in the Fire App store… “WiFi Fix & Refresh for Fire” and “Wifi & Internet Fix for Fire Tv & Tablets” that seem to work – although I’m not 100% sure what they do. I always ran one after the other because when one gave errors, the other did as well.

I hope at least SOME of this is helpful and gets you on your way to a smoother experience. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. Good luck and keep us posted!

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That is it!! Thanks so much! I had been simply turning off the TV instead of following the “gentle exit” procedure that you described/above! Thanks so much! Now just to remember to do that each time, no biggie, although I still question why that should be required.

Awesome! I’m glad something worked for you!

Thank you for coming back and letting us know. :slight_smile:

Well, I was a hair premature. The “gentle” turn off isn’t repeatable for me. I think what’s happening is it only works (i.e. Tablo still connected) if the Firestick remains on. Seems like whenever I turn it off, the Tablo won’t connect later without a reboot. What a pain. Will have to try your other suggestions.

You can set the firestick to go to black instead of disconnecting the HDMI signal, but I can’t say whether that will help your not.

I have been very successful with using the back button when I turn on my TV and see that the app is trying to load. I turned it off last night by mistake instead of gently exiting, but it was my TV not a firestick this time.

Keep trying things and letting us know how they work. It’s gotta be rough still struggling with this

I’ve got my 1st gen FS Max on my sleepy-time TV, and it also shuts off on a timer. But, I wonder if because I turn the TV back on using the Amazon remote, it works differently? If you can find ways for me to duplicate your issues, I will do what I can.

While you’re testing, does the same thing happen if you shut the TV on or off manually (and don’t exit the app)?

A breakthrough! I had the Firestick powered by the TV’s USB port so it always turned off along with the TV even when I used the TV control to shut down! So, I moved the Firestick USB power lead to a regular charger to keep it on and now the Tablo seems to no longer disconnect when I shut off the TV! That seems to be the solution for now. Thanks again for all the suggestions!

Awesome. Glad you found a workaround!

Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Keep us posted!

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Thank you so much! I had a similar problem and decided to try holding down the “Play/Pause” and “OK” buttons. Firestick’s powering off and restarting was quick and Tablo TV is now working! I’m bookmarking this thread as it’s a keeper!

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