Tablo WiFi keeps timing out

Hoping someone/anyone can help out here.
Have had my 2-tuner for almost two years now, but problem since July with the Tablo not connecting to any of the apps, but still working in the background. Each day I have to come home and soft boot the Tablo so I can connect to it, and the scheduled recordings are all still there.

It is wifi connected (haven’t tried running a cord, but not an option really), Asus OnHub router. It picks up the Tablo when it won’t connect but views it as idle. I had the same problem with my previous router, and no changes with a static IP. Hard reboot did not solve.

Have been on the beta since it last open and does not appear to have changed over the last few updates.

Anyone going through this? Thoughts/Suggestions?


@orpheus Hm. That’s some pretty odd behaviour. If it’s this* reproducible/cyclical, we should be able to find out what’s going on in the logs.

Can you send a ticket to our support team?

Especially if it “shits”…lol…what a mess!

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@Zman_Tablo Ah! Corrected :wink:

Sometimes I hate Freud.

The funny thing is that I work in a hospital. Cyclical “poop” is usually a good thing.

Thanks @TabloSupport, I’ll send it in. Just hoping some had a quick fix for me.

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