Tablo when camping at a campground

Can I use tablo when camping at a campground or dry camping with a power invertor or different compatible power supply when camping? do I need a modem or router? I have a smart cell phone if that helps. I just want to play recoded shows. thanks friends

I regularly watch recorded and live TV on my phone/tablet from my home Tablo while camping. Make sure you sync up your mobile devices before heading out of the house.

To Clarify: Tablo stays at home, and yes you need Internet at home and on the mobile device(s) that you take camping.

so I can get my show to my laptop and take the laptop with me?

You stream your content from the Tablo (at home) to the paired device (at the campsite)

If you want to pull your shows down to the device and take them with you then you are looking at a solution like TabloExporter to grab and save the shows locally.

Another clarification: there is a small sync process before you leave your home network, it doesn’t sync the actual content but rather the connection info and some DB stuff

so do I need an internet connection at the campsite?
do I just sync my smartphone at home before camping
then cast the phone to the smart tv chromecast when camping

I wouldn’t go down the route of packing up my Tablo, and taking it with. That is up to you to work out the gotchas of that, maybe someone else can offer advise on that front.

If you are going to stream then yes you would need some type internet access at the camp site

The other option would be to use a 3rd party utility such as TabloExporter to save the shows to your computer and take them with you.

Obviously, some users don’t travel to locations where cell phone coverage is spotty to non-existent.

Why would you go to the trouble of exporting recordings when all you need is a mini-travel router with DHCP server. It’s not like the tablo and USB drive is the size of a refrigerator. And all of the recordings are already on the USB drive.

Good deal, I hope you can offer your assistance.

Well, if you want the Tablo to continue recording while you’re gone, you can’t take it with you…

Sounds like a great idea…if you can steer me to where to get those items …a link maybe? it would be great! thanks!

I own multiple tablos so I’m not losing any OTA broadcasts when I travel with one of my tablos.

While I haven’t had time for that type of travel in around a year, it use to be that Roku was the only device that didn’t require a WAN connection. But subsequent posts from tablo support indicates that all tablo apps except WEB UI no longer require WAN connection.

You need to first search the forum for previous postings from other users interested in doing this. Sometimes posted under travel with tablo or RV.

Unlike some who like to suggest various networking brands. I try not to since some models of my equipment is 2-3 years old and no longer available.

You’ll want to test whatever you plan to setup as a mobile LAN (e.g. some kind of isolated network, ideally the exact network you plan to use). Just a recommendation.