Tablo web sites not found in DNS

I can still get here and to the main Tablo site through my Uverse connection, but I can’t get to it through work or my cell phone.  DNS lookup is failing for anything *

Ugh, that also means I can’t connect to my Tablo through my phone right now.  I hope someone at Tablo is working on this.

@snowcat - Sorry about that. We had a blip w/ our DNS this morning. It’s re-propagating now. 

It looks like it is back.  :)

Hopefully Tablo never goes out of business, but if you ever do, please have a backup solution for web browsers so that they can still use the Tablo if the domain goes away.  Thanks!

Update: I can’t get to or yet.  The community forum and the seem to be working.

That’s a good point I never even considered… if they go out of business, the Tablo will become a brick.

It won’t be a brick for most people because you can still use tablets and the Roku (and I assume AppleTv) with no problems.  Only the web app goes out to their site and back.

It was weird that soon after I posted about the sites, I could get to and, but not the forum.

Hopefully everything is back in order now.

@snowcat - Knock on wood things seem to be mostly settled now.

@Max - We’ll be locking down a long-term agreement with a new host shortly so this shouldn’t occur in the next 10 years. 

I was getting very worried there for a bit.  I was buying my Tablo today & needed to check something on the website and/or forums.  I had second thoughts after DNS lookup failed.  It still is troubling that a company for which you are putting a lot of money upfront for their proprietary product cannot keep their website up.

Still not able to access

I was worried earlier today also. I went to purchase the 4 tuner model from their store and couldn’t get to it. I had to order from Best Buy instead… Made me a little worried…

I too was worried as all sites went out for me. Not having a tablet in the whole house I thought…well I guess it is back to cable…then a reply came to me via email from Tablo explaining they were working on it.

New product means hiccup’s. The fact that these guys are always available and usually get back to you pretty quick leaves me to believe them when they say they are working on making sure this doesn’t happen again.

That being stated…should it happen again, I will be the first to say good bye. TV is our entertainment around here…to miss a show is one thing, to be down and out with no way to set up the recordings is another.

I was with out access until Sunday night. Luckily my recordings were already set up or the wife would have put an end to this whole process.

Thanks Tablo for getting us all back up and running.

Thanks for your patience @napercort. We’ll be locking this domain down for a good long time on a reputable service so this shouldn’t happen again.