Tablo web player now closes with Alt key

So here’s some new behavior I just discovered…

I noticed recently that when I’m watching live TV in a Chrome window on Windows, the web app would sometimes spontaneously close the video and take me back to the program guide.

I narrowed the cause down - it happens whenever I hit the alt key.

I use the alt key a lot.

I alt-tab through windows all day long. Every time I do this with an active Tablo window, the video dies and I have to re-start the stream.

I’m not sure when this behavior started, but it definitely feels recent. Can you please add (or re-add, I guess) support for alt-tabbing Tablo windows? :slight_smile:

Interesting. I can confirm this issue as well. It definitely did not always do this.

A work around is to select a different tab in the browser, use alt-Tab, and then go back to the browser and select the Tablo tab.

is this with windows 10?
i have found the tab and al button to be an issue in general, for instance Microsoft Word, I hit tab and voila the start menu pops up… grr

It’s OS-independent, but yes I’m seeing it in Windows 10. It happens in Chrome and Firefox for me. Bug has been present since June of last year :frowning:

We’re now at 14 months of living with this bug… Any chance we could get this looked at for the next release?

Hey folks - I’ve sent this directly to our web team. Hope we can get a quick fix on this one since it’s been so long.

Thanks for the nudge!

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I have never seen this on Linux, Windows (including latest 10) on Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Did notice that Firefox seems to map “Alt” to showing it’s “menu”, and maybe what you’re seeing is a crash instead of a close (?).