Tablo Web on my HTC One (KitKat) Chromecast streaming

First, nice job supporting Chromecast on my Android phone.  I’ve already used it a lot.  The streaming itself seems to work just fine.  I’m happy with that.

However, it has trouble stopping the cast.  If I leave it for a long time the phone seems to forget that it’s casting and I can’t stop it.  (have to force close, then cast something else like YouTube to “reset” the Chromecast).  Other times I’ve hit the stop button only for the Tablo app to move on while the TV starts casting the recording again from the beginning.  It’s very strange.

Please take a look when you have time.  Thanks.

@dhowland Hm, we’ll try and reproduce this here!

Can you send over a few more details if you get a chance?

-How long were you casting for?

-What was preventing you from ‘stopping’ the player?

-Was the mini-player still available? Was the app itself (not just the player) unresponsive?