Tablo Web Interface does not show College football Recordings

When browsing the Tablo recordings through the Chrome web browser, the college football recordings do not show even though the recordings show up through the Roku channel. This only happens with the college football recordings categorized under NCAA Football.

How did you look??

I don’t see those college football game listings via the web on my Tablo system.

Yeah, mine show up too. In Chrome. There’s an ugly blue and white NCAA icon in recordings.

Recordings or Sports under Live TV?

I think the OP is talking about recordings.

The game listings jestep shows are live, not recorded.

Ah yes you are right, did not pay attention to the word “recording” I guess :frowning:

Did you wait long enough for the Tablo to sync? It still takes a minute to update all the recordings on the web browser, so you may not see the recordings right away.

I have three college football games recorded, two from last week and one from yesterday, and they all show up in my Chrome browser on my PC and phone.

I’ve have many that over two weeks old and still do not show up. Now the same thing is happening to the NFL recordings except they do not show in web interface or the Roku interface, very frustrating.

I believe the recordings started disappearing after the last firmware update.