Tablo Web App - Always on Top in Small Window, How to?

We have been Tablo (4) tuner users for almost a year with great results!

My wife has only one monitor on her PC and would like to run the Tablo web app in a small browser window which is always on top.

There is a nice extension for Chrome called “Always On Top” in which you can display a reduced size browser on you desktop that is always on top of other content. The extension can either display the window in the lower right of the screen natively or, using their small app, in a floating always on top window.

I would like to use the floating always on top (freely moveable) app window.

The problem is: Whenever the always on top app is invoked with Tablo, it forces a Tablo re-sync every time which takes forever.

No doubt, I am not the first Tablo user to cross this bridge.

Has anyone found a workable solution for a freely movable / resizeable always on top browser window?