Tablo Update Issue - Not Working

We followed update prompts on one of our TVs. After returning to Tablo, we were met with the “Connect” screen that happens when there is no Tablo device recognized. I checked on the Tablo itself, and the light was solid blue at the time, but no device could connect to it. I hit the reboot button, and the blue flashing began as expected. However, it’s been flashing (normal reboot’loading flashing sequence) for roughly an hour as of the time of this post. Still no connection from any devices, and hitting reboot again does nothing. I hesitate to unplug the power entirely in the event something IS in fact happening and I don’t want to disturb the process.

Any help? We can’t watch or record and an hour feels like a long time to be loading or even finishing the update.

So which of these is it blinking exactly?

The normal, rapid (4/sec) blink that is expected on initial boot.

EDIT: I’ve also just checked and the external hard drive isn’t active at the moment. So other than early on in the process, it hasn’t been doing anything with the hard drive for quite a while.

If you see there is no hard drive activity I’d try pulling the power.

FYI, my quad just updated to the new firmware a few hours ago, the whole process took about 5 minutes. Have a 2tb drive with 1tb of recordings.

I was going to suggest this as well. If after cycling power you still see the fast blink probably need to open a support ticket tomorrow so they can take a look because that would imply it’s not successfully getting past the initial boot of the OS.

Thanks (to you both). I will give the power plug the old yank and see how it goes on reboot. For the record, 8TB drive with 7+TB recordings. Fingers crossed.

A power cycle seems to have gotten everything back on track. I have no idea why that happened, and what caused it be get stuck, but oh well…at least it seems to be back to normal now.

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Great news!

I remember an update where I had to cycle power to get things back to normal (OG 2-tuner). Only happened once. A hardware/network DHCP lease timing issue?