Tablo unavailable on firestick

We have 2 firesticks, bought at the same time, Tablo arrived yesterday. One TV loaded the Tablo app and the other said it was unavailable for that firestick. Reset the firestick to no avail. Moved the firestick to a different TV, same result. The only difference is the TV that loaded the Tablo app is a smart TV but we use the firestick because it works better. The other sets are not smart TV’s.

Some older FireTV Sticks can not use the app, you probably need to upgrade them. Good time right now too as all the sales going on.

I thought about that, but i still do not know why one firestick would work and not the other, since they were purchased at the same time.

Not sure why one works and one doesn’t, but here’s a list of the Tablo compatible Firesticks:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick (3rd generation)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

I got the Cube on sale for about $100. Has double the storage of the sticks and more powerful than even the Max Stick.

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