Tablo UK/European Release?

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I’ve been a beta tester for InstaTV, Channels and SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun for the last 6-12months.
Beginning to find progress is slow with the development of a DVR for these guys so beginning to look else where.
Are there any plans for world domination by Tablo TV, in other words are you expanding to the UK or European markets in the future, and do you have any timeline for this?
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I expect the Tablo would have to change hardware-wise for the Euro market to use the DVB rather than the ATSC tuner.

Indeed, this is why I haven’t purchased one and just used a plug adaptor, that and lack of guide data subscription for the UK.
HDHomeRun have come our way and made changes to the hardware to accommodate for the European market, so really hoping Tablo do the same.

Interesting news indeed - HDHomeRun adapting to the Euro market!

Yep, I have a HDHR Connect and running the DVR software on a 2TB NAS. Their Metadata on the HDHR View app kinda sucks, but it’s a good start from them TBH.

Just out of curiosity where are you located? What type of antenna do you use? Can you get different language Euro channels?

I’m in Plymouth, England. I had no need to purchase an ariel as almost every UK home has one already so not sure what make or model I have tucked away in the attic. Cable and satilite never really became cheap enough for the mass markets until around 1998-99. So around 95% oh homes in the U.K have a signal strength of 100%. At a guess I’d say over 60% of people still use free OTA TV here.
I don’t get any signal from mainland Europe here, but I hear up near Dover they do and can quite often tune into French stations.
This is why I think Tablo would excel here, particularly with the younger generation as we have such excellent coverage and ariels already installed everywhere.

I’ve seen pictures where small villages in England will erect larger, feeder (community) antennas that get the main signals and then relay those on to the homes in town.

Yes, signals travel well over water so those looking at France will have good reception from there.

Do you have services for TV program guide listings available through the Internet?

Oy, Hippy! My gran and grandad used to live in Devon (Ipplepen). Gran would take us for cream teas as long as we didn’t tell our mum - no worries about that!

I thought the UK and NA had different broadcast formats… Is HDTV all the same?

They do and they would need to use DVB parts in a tuner specifically for Europe… the North American (current) Tablo wouldnt work there.

Doesn’t the UK have “Freeview”/“Skyview” or something with a name like that which accomplishes much the same thing as the TABLO? i.e. a small box you place in your home that tunes in to HD over the air broadcasts?.. (I am woefully ignorant of current television broadcast standards/options over there so please forgive my lack of information if this isnt right)

I know Ipplepen, it’s just 40mins up the road, near Teignmouth, which I pass through everyday.
Yeh we use different broadcast standards here in Europe compared to the US.
Most of our 7day TV guide info is transmitted with the OTA transmission.
Theres a few out there that provide guide info online. I think Gracenote is the most reliable but still only right about 80% of the time. Whereas the OTA info is 100% reliable and includes full TV show discriptions.

That’s the problem here: TV stations don’t take the time to transmit adequate and timely guide info though the bandwidth is there OTA to do so. My Samsung TV used to show a full week’s guide with accurate, detailed information on each show years ago. That stopped as the stations became lazy and stopped updating guide data. Now we just get generic gibberish.

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Yeh, Freeview. But the freeview boxes don’t allow apps for additional subscription TV like cable or satellite, so no HBONow or anything . Then there’s the cable boxes which don’t allow Netflix, or if they do then the charge top price for cable. There’s only two boxes around that allows all of the on-demand UK subscription apps and that’s Roku and Apple but neither have live TV. It’s all to do with licensing and competing companies.

TabloTv here doesnt allow apps either… actually your situation is exactly the same here in the states more or less… no HBO channel on the Tablo either… our cableboxes dont allow netflix either (or at least none ive ever seen). (you need a roku, smartTV or appleTV ,fireTV, androidTV, computer or mobile, tablet, etc or game console or some other secondary box for that,) … Its those secondary devices that you can put apps on like the tabloapp and the netflix/hbo app etc… I suppose the only real difference here is we dont need the standalone freeview box + (appletv/roku/etc), and we can use any device to access the content on the TABLO whereas you need to sit and watch a tv that the freeview box is directly connected to … , now if freeview had a roku app and/or access over the internet then it would be just like it is here in the USA.

Yeh, I understand that. But the Apple TV does have the apps. My plan would be to have the Apple TV do everything. Live TV and DVR using the Tablo TV app, cable using the NowTV app (provides all HBO, showtime and AMC shows), my movie and TV library using Infuse app (similar to Plex, Apple Music for my tunes and then the photo app for all my memories. The whole lot would then work using the Apple remote, including my AV receiver, and it turns the whole lot on and off. One remote and box to rule them all. And doing the costings, the whole set up would cost £11.98 a month.
I’m there’ already. The only thing holding me back is a reliable live TV and DVR. Channels app works but they are withdrawing UK support for the time being. And it’s not a simple set up for cord cutters so would never catch on over here, unlike Tablo.

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We’re focused on North America at the moment, but once we feel we’ve effectively conquered this market we’d love to expand in the UK, OZ and other locations. As folks mentioned, it would require some new hardware but definitely save a seat for us at the pub. We’ll be by when we can :slight_smile: