Tablo UI is slow

The loading of the program guide screen is very slow and takes a couple of minutes as one can watch each row in the guide get populated one at a time. Another issue is that in the Recordings view most of the recordings do not have the show’s icon, just a big ‘X’. Otherwise, the Tablo’s functionality does not seem to be affected - I can watch the recordings and live TV without any issues.

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Tablo Preview Software version 1.74

Users kept asking for a 14 day grid. Now they have it on the fire tv preview app. It takes a while to fill in 14 days. What ever it takes for 1 day just multiple by 14.

On Roku it’s an option to turn on 14 day grid.

It shouldn’t take that long just to populate the grid. And if I scroll four or five hours to the right, a similar lengthy delay occurs as it populates the program grid. And as I move from cell to cell in the program guide, the info for the current program shown above the program grid takes up to a minute or more to update. If they can’t get usable perfomance with a 14-day grid, they shouldn’t be releasing the app with a 14-day grid. Seems this was the first release of the app with a 14-day grid, hopefully the performance will be addressed in subsequent releases.

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Roku was the first app with 14 day grid but it was optional.

Overall performance is dependent on the devices performance and the number of channels. If 24 hours loads in 15 seconds I wouldn’t expect 14 days to load in 30 seconds. But I would hope that grid loading wouldn’t prevent the use of other menus and playback. Especially since I use the guide and rare use the grid.

Which Amazon Fire TV Stick is this? Is it the 1st gen?

The newest version Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.

gen 2 fire tv stick which mean quad core 1.3 ghz 8 gig memory.

It’s a pretty simple test. You set up your timer and connect into live TV. Then move the live tv grid to the end of the first 24 hours. You disconnect and reconnect and move the live tv grid to the end of 14 days.

My 22 channels on gen 2 fire tv stick takes 14 seconds for 24 hours and 3 minutes and 15 seconds for 14 days.

When you look at the logistics of it…it’s actually quite a bit of data. you have several hundred shows on your Tablo, and each one has dozens of airings across the 2 week window. Typically you are going to have something > 4k airings on your Tablo depending on channels you have loaded…so, it takes quite a bit of time to pull in all of those records and store them in memory…or, only pull the ones that are on the screen and when you move the grid, pull in the new records…so you must balance performance vs memory usage and CPU load…so, showing the full 14 day grid is a significant investment in network/cpu/memory…

You’re right that it shouldn’t take that long. My Roku Ultra loads single day in a few seconds and it loads 14 day data in less than a minute. I never get the X instead of images for recordings.
From the performance that you and Zippy are reporting on Firestick, it sounds like a software issue with the Firestick.
In fairness, the 14 day grid option in the Roku is labeled as ‘Beta’ in the menu, so I assume they are still refining the functionality across all devices.

Thanks. That was going to be my next question - “Does a Roku product provide a better experience?” Now to wait for Black Friday sales.