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Hello, New to Tablo and finding my way. I like it so far! I have a Tablo Quad hosted thru a Roku Ultra. Is there a link here to see exactly what each timed tv guide subscription offers? before making a choice? I’ve read some about the life-time subscription and regarding the commercial skip. The skip is extra costs over and above the life-time, correct? Wanting to see deep particulars on the monthly tv guide, the yearly tv guide and the life-time guide. Where would I find this info all together in one view? I can search separate posts for deeper research on each guide offered too but want to see what Tablo offers first. Thank you!

Detailed info about both subscription levels can be found on our website:

Thank you! Very interesting and fairly complete info. I can subscribe to a guide service at anytime with no repercussions after the 30 day trial, correct? I’d like to see how Tablo acts without a subscription before I make my choice…so curious. Thank you.

Yes, that’s right.

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Thank you!

You may not have specifically asked, or found the answer - you can change from monthly > yearly or lifetime as you find how things work. You can’t “cancel” lifetime.

There have been some regretting jumping straight into the lifetime, then suddenly something changed. So you can go another couple months, or add a year. You can change anytime.

Remember, terms are always subject to change - if you don’t like it, lifetime, you’re stuck.
-It’s not explicitly defined if it’s the lifetime of the service, which could end whenever or your personal lifetime. At that point your family would be SOL.:neutral_face:

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