Tablo TV guide is wrong

I just compared the Tablo TV guide to comcast and with what is really on TV. Right now Tablo says that Modern family is on WFLD (FOX) 32.1, but it is actually an new X-Files special called : The X-Files: Re-Opened.

This is a problem because it means shows will not be recorded correctly. It also took a long time to load today.

Did you actually watch the OTA channel to see what was playing?

Yes, and it was X-Files, not Modern Family.

@HobbesGrrr Let us know if there are any further discrepancies, and we can a correct source to fix our guide data provider’s lineup. Feel free to let us know directly via a support ticket.

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Thanks for fixing my 24-3 problenm. Only took 2 days.:blush:

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If it happens again I will open a ticket. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this input. If it is, please advise.
We were pleased to see that our provider added a new channel. The new channel was placed on the guide, but somehow an existing channel, ESCAPE, was “bumped” to the bottom of the list. The line with channel name and number is showing, but there are no programs listed. Nothing I have tried allows me to view the guide for it. I thought I just needed to wait for things to process, but there has been no change after a few months. Please advise. Thank you.

You’ll want to provide zip code and channel details so they contact the guide provider.

Thanks for the response; I’m new at this game. To whom do I submit this information?

Just post it here and then also PM @TabloSupport.

Thanks. It is Channel 15-4, Escape at zipcode 63501.


I’ll pass this along to the team, but the best process to take is as soon as you notice any issue with data to send a ticket to the team with the zip you’re using and the channel number:

That way we can track the issue for you, and the resolution will occur much more quickly.

Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.