Tablo Tv dvr 4th generation 2 tuner

I bought my first OTA attenna recently. Im unable to watch live TV on the tablo 4th generation 2 tuner. I had an indoor antenna already. Attached that to the tablo. But unable to watch live Tv. What am I not doing? When I attached a 2 way coaxial splitter on the tv antenna thingy on the back of the TV. Then attached a 3 way splitter coaxial cable to that. Hooking one part to the tablo dvr and the other to the indoor antenna. It shows its attempting to do something but in the end it gives me WEAK SIGNAL. Any suggestions? Thanks.

And if you screw the antenna coax directly into the tablo and settings has the Amplification option on can you receive OTA channels after a channel rescan. If so too many splitters. I have no idea why you are using so many splitters. Splitters reduce signal strength

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Also, from your description, I think you might have the splitters connected in the wrong direction. All three connectors on a 2-way splitter are not the same. If all you have is an indoor antenna, a TV, and the Tablo, then you only need a 2-way splitter. Center connector on the splitter goes to the antenna. The other two go to the TV and Tablo.

But like Zippy said, FIRST connect the antenna directly to the Tablo and see if that works.

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This is connected to the tv.

Is it possible to show us a picture of how you have things set up?

In general, you should only need one splitter. It would go from the antenna, and then split one way to your TV and the other to your Tablo.

However, it should be noted that the purpose of the Tablo DVR is that you connect the antenna directly to the Tablo, and use an app to access your live tv and recordings on the Tablo from a wireless or ethernet connection. In other words, there is no direct connection between your Tablo and your television.

But if you wanted to use a splitter to be able to access over the air television without using that Tablo, you would set it up like this. In your case, TV1 would be your TV, and TV2 would be your Tablo.

Remember, there is always, repeat, always loss with a splitter. Which means, unless you’re on the somewhat rare “too powerful signal” scenario, you’ll always want amplification to compensate for the split.

With that said, while the 4th gen has an amplifier, that’s just endpoint, and you probably wouldn’t have a split unless there were multiple endpoints that are important. That is, the distribution amplification is the “right place” most of the time (like >99.99% of the time).

Understandable, and worth repeating.

I just can’t picture in my head how @Sonja_Westbrooks has their system set up. 2-way, 3-way… I read it four times and was still confused. I’m just hoping for a little clarity.

Not helpful. It can’t just be connected to the TV. It has to be connected to the antenna, the TV, and the Tablo.

First, thank all of you for your input. Im not a tech person, so I didn’t know what I was doing or talking about to express myself correctly. Secondly, lol…I figured it out. It was of course simple. I uninstalled/ reinstalled the app. Took off the splitter, removed the attenna coaxial cable from the TV, put it into the tablo, then reset the tablo. I thought the tablo had to be connected to the TV also for it to work. It doesn’t. Again, thank you.

Thank you! Im made it harder than it should’ve been. I did that, with also uninstalling/ reinstalling the app, and resetting the tablo. I thought the tablo had to be connected to the TV and the tablo. Thank you, again.

:slight_smile: I’m glad I was able to help.

I appreciate your coming back and letting us know that it’s up and running.