Tablo TV doesn't work on all TV's

I have Tablo TV 4th Gen installed with ethernet. On some TV’s in my home, it works just fine. On a couple of TV’s the application rarely starts, and sometimes gives the error of no signal, All TV’s are ethernet wired. all other apps and streaming works fine on all TV’s.

Are you using Tablo app on TV, or player Roku, firestick etc.?

One TV is a Samsung Smart TV, and didn’t see the TABLO TV App, so using a 4K firestick, the other is a fire TV with a wired connection to the network using the TABLO TV app.

I’m using a gen 1 fire tv 4K and don’t see that problem.

I have a similar problem where 1 TV does not see the device, and 2 others have no problem connecting. The problem TV is hardwired as is the Tablo (4g) device. The TV’s that work are a combination of WiFi and hard wire. My phone app works as well. They are all Sony Android TVs with the app downloaded.

Followed all the troubleshooting steps and still wind up at the Tablo set up screen on the TV with the issue.

What’s your actual hardwire ethernet layout? Is both the problem TV and the Tablo directly connected to the (same) router or switch? What other devices are in the path?

The problem TV is direct to the router. The tablo and a working tv are on a common switch, which is connected to the router

Is it possible to connect the problem TV to the switch? The router might be configured to isolate the various ports. For instance, many cable company routers have ports configured for phones, which might be isolated from the LAN.

The router connects to a 48 port switch, all TV’s are off the switch with the exception of the 4K firestick that is wireless off the router. Other apps served wireless Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ using the Firestick work fine.

I was replying to @Romac

@Flying Diver - you nailed it. Some one reconfigured the TV to WiFi and it was connected to the guest network which does not have LAN access. It pays to review the network settings and not assume.


OK, the firestick that was wireless had connected to the guest network, moving it corrected the issue, Good catch.

Now I have the wired Fire TV that just spins, and never opens.

If your talking trying to use SmartTV’s and not add on devices, most SmartTV’s do not really work well and are underpowered usually. I have 3 different SmartTV’s, 2 with AndroidTV and I still installed streaming devices on every one of them as they work much better. I have an AppleTV device and FireTV Cube on my main TV and FireTV Cubes on all my others.

One thing to keep in mind is how direct connections to the modem and routers may isolate your devices into different networks.

Most internet is like a chain of connections:
Modem → Router → Extender/Repeater (most people don’t use these)

As an example, if I have my Tablos on the extender/repeater, only devices connected to the extender are able to connect to the Tablo. But, if my Tablo is hard-wired to the internet, anything connected through the wireless router or extender is able to access the DVR.

In general, you want your Tablo connected at the closest to first link in the chain. That way, the next links are able to make contact with it (I think port forwarding can fix this, as well as other more technical options.) For me, I use the wireless router as my starting link because I have little to no OTA reception in the room with the modem.

If your wireless router or extender is set as a DHCP server and to NOT share the IP of its internet source, this can also cause a breakage between devices trying to communicate with one another. It’s a way to separate networks so that they can all access the internet, but not so they can talk to each other. [In my example, I use an extender to slow down internet connectivity between household devices (computers, etc) so that it does not cause a problem with simultaneous FAST recordings. My meager 100Mbps connection has worked fantastically by doing this]