Tablo TV Channel limitation

So most likely returning to retailer on Monday. Nothing but trouble. One issue is Tablo is set up for downloading only 69 channels. In the local Houston area, there are over 100. It screws it up. Tried a reboot from Tablo with only about 30 channels selected, after 18 hrs the guide for only five shows had downloaded. Did a hard reboot today. Been scanning channels for 2 hrs, it is as if got stuck. Definitely some Tablo probs. Have FireTV.

Most likely going to HDHomeRun and Plex. Very unhappy with Tablo.

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100 channels is bonkers, mate. I have cut mine down to 16 channels and the Tablo still records more than we can possibly watch. I still might drop another channel or two.

Give the support line a call, mate.

Sounds like Tablo is NOT for you. Adios and good luck.


Besides having 2 Tablos, I have an HDHomeRun running on PLEX.

That is certainly not your solution. You can only record 1 show at a time !


@bohaiboy We’ve seen (and tested) quite a few Tablos with a high number of channels without any problems. It’s possible something else is causing the issue - can you touch base with our support team? We can take a look.