Tablo TV app keeps crashing - Close or Wait? (old thread)

New to Tablo but not off to a good start. The Tablo app continues to crash giving me the option to Close or Wait. The Nvidia Shield just updated yesterday but it was doing this before the update.
Also the Guide is a problem. It takes up to 1 minute to populate the guide when I scroll even 1 day in advance, longer if I move a week ahead. My Samsung smart TV has a built in guide and I bought this USB Tablo for my Nvidia Shield because I thought it would be quicker responding to advancing the guide ahead to future TV shows.
Disappointed so far. Still no help from Tablo.

Hey there @JG51

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues.

It looks like our support gurus sent you back a note with additional questions for troubleshooting about an hour ago.

I’m sure we’ll be able to get this sorted out.

Are you using the preview app or the regular one. The Preview one has been doing that on my ShieldTV. The regular one has been stable.

Not sure what you mean by preview app but I did downlead the Tablo Engine app from Google Play. I assumed that was the right one.

I did a full Nvidia Shield reset including deleting all the apps on the Shield then reinstalled the apps eliminating several that I did not use anymore.
I reinstalled the Tablo Engine app but am still getting the error to Close or Wait

I get Engine hanging/crashing pretty much every day as well. Pretty much like clockwork if we turn the TV off (shield goes to sleep), and come back later, go into Engine it will be stuck on the last menu we were at and if you press back which should bring up the left side menu, it closes out Engine and you have to enter the app again and it will work for a while. Usually an hour or so into live TV it will start spinning and will eventually crash the app and i’ll have to re-enter again and that holds for the rest of the night. I’m ok with the glitches but my wife is growing tired of it. I was actually curious if Engine had any patches/updates coming soon since its been a while since any update to it…was hoping it wasn’t falling to the back burner

I had the sleep issues but went into the android setting for screen saver and such. You can set screen saver off and set the shield to never sleep. This seems to have stopped all issues related to Tablo adapter except those related to loss of TV signal and the occasional lock up from exiting a channel back to the guide.

I also REALLY hope the next update addresses the slow loading of the guide!.When simply trying to go ahead by even one day it takes forever to load (internet speed is fine btw) If i want to scroll to a few days ahead to record something? Forget it! takes waaay too long to load.Oh how I miss my Windows Media Center (which worked almost flawlessly and was FREE)