Tablo Tuner vs TV Tuner

I have a Tablo 2 tuner model. I am having difficulty tuning to Fox 5 and ABC 7 here in NY. The frustrating thing is the picture is fine on my TV tuner. Tablo support says the issue is that the 2 tuner model splits the signal causing a decline in signal strength. I tried 2 other antennas and 3 different amplifiers, but no improvement. Anyone else have this issue, and if so how did you resolve it? I’m considering dropping Tablo and just using Hulu and CBS now since I keep missing programs on these two channels.


Fine meaning no glitch, pause, stuttering artifacts?

Yes. Clear Picture. No issues. Not “Just Watchable” but clear, no pixels.

Are you really close to the towers? Maybe this is a case of too much signal (need attenuator?).

28.6 miles according to TV Fool. So probably not I would think. But thanks for the suggestion.