Tablo Tuner-sharing (aka Tablo-Swinging)

Shall we set up a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint approach where a user can select to share or swap N of his tablo tuners with the tuner of other specific Tablo owners(s), or all other Tablo owners?

Seems like we can probably do it manually now by sharing Tablo passwords and accounts “guest/family account-sharing”.

For example I would volunteer 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 tuners of my boston 4-tuner tablo to the ‘tablo-swinger community’ , and in return would get access to other volunteered tablo channels in other cities, in case i wanted to watch the local news or local sports event via OTA from some other Tablo owner’s home city.

What do you all think? All total consensual Tablo-tuner-sharing, of course. Maybe it violates a Tablo user agreement to do stuff like this? In that case, Tablo should do it tightly-integrated/internal instead of leaving it to users to wrapper-ize a solution. Make it open-systems and extensible so it can support non-tablo devices too where possible, btw.

Umm. No.

not sure how that could work since devices would have to be paired on the home network first, and if pairing was lost, would have to be paired again.

Interesting idea - doesn’t really fit in with how remote viewing works on the Tablo.

Maybe approach Plex with regards to their DVR, they have username and password remote access.