TABLO to the Rescue!

OK, so my wife had been a huge Dancing with the Stars fan but last season she lost interest.  She was adamant to NOT record it on DirectTV so we made sure it was not scheduled.  After some thought I felt she might change her mind so I scheduled it to record via the TABLO.  This morning while Good Morning America was showing some clips from last nights show, she asked me if I canceled the recording.  I said yes I did, DirectTV did not record it.  Then after a pause I said 'But the TABLO did"!  She just said ‘OK’.  This is a great opportunity for her to get used to the TABLO interface and how to use it.

Our DirectTV obligation ends in October (contract) and so I have been showing her bits and pieces of the TABLO and so far she likes it which for a complete non-techie is a real win for TABLO!  I would love to cut DirecTV this fall but it will be up to her on that subject so meanwhile my plan is to NOT use DirectTV and exclusively use TABLO for my viewing of shows.  Meanwhile I am recording all shows that she enjoys watching on Network TV with the TABLO as well!  I am waiting for a satellite rain fade day so I can (hopefully) have the same content recorded for her on the TABLO all ready to watch!

Awesome! Glad to hear we were able to save the day :)