Tablo to record from Kodi

Is there any way to record from Kodi which is loaded on my Firestick? Thanks, Robert

Anything is possible but simple answer, No.

Tablo records Over The Air ATSC (Antenna) signals only.

In theory you could get an HDMI to ATSC modulator and essentially create your own “station” but this will be very complicated, expensive and likely unreliable.

There is a Tablo app for Kodi, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ikahhan: If you download the Kodi app, it puts Kodi on to your computer. There you can use it to play videos, etc. I have Kodi on my fire stick where I also have Tablo but don’t know if you can record something from Kodi using the Tablo device. Is there some other way to record from Kodi? Thanks, Robert

NO. Can’t be done. Stop even thinking it’s possible.

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“Can’t be done.” … meaning, can’t be done with Tablo.

Well, yes, that was the question.

Is there any other way to record from Kodi?

Dude, Kodi already streams stuff. Why would you want to “record” it. THe proper question to ask (in a Kodi discussion group) is: “How do I save/rip/copy shows from Kodi?” or something along those lines.

Or this: