Tablo "To-Do-List" Updates?

@TabloTV, @TabloSupport, @TabloEngineering,

Can you update us on the following feature requests:

Windows App.
5.1 Surround Sound.
Keep existing channels when doing antenna rescans.
Manually add channels to guide.
Recordings: “Keep” or “Keep until space is needed”.
Eliminate the live TV startup buffer (Instant Tune).
“Flip”/“Channel Surf” through channels without returning to guide.
Choose channel to record on when duplicate networks exist.
Fix for browser lip sync issues.

Tablo Users


The last one was supposedly fixed yesterday.

  • Windows App - We’re focused on other platforms that are more popular in our user base at the moment. Doesn’t mean it’ll never get done, just not a priority today.

  • 5.1 Surround - Nothing has changed here. We realize it’s important for a subset of folks but it’s very expensive in terms of time and spend so it’s not being prioritized.

  • Keep existing channels when doing scans - Again, a nice improvement but not something that will help us increase our user base so not a priority.

  • Manually add channels to guide - Unlikely. Available channels will be discovered during a scan. If it doesn’t show up, it likely can’t be streamed or recorded so why would you want it?

  • Eliminate live TV startup buffer - Something we’re always looking to reduce but eliminating it all together would require some rethinking of the entire process which we’ve also discussed. There’s a few options on the table, but again we’re focusing on adding features and platforms.

  • Flip/channel surf - Again, something that goes back to the previous point. We know it’s something people would like but would require a fundamental change in how we do things. Right now, folks who want/need this split their signals between Tablo & the TV.

  • Choose channel to record when duplicate networks exist - Something we’d like to add in an ‘advanced recording features’ screen which would require some firmware & LOTS of UI work across multiple platforms. Some of the firmware stuff is done, but we need to free up a lot of app dev time to make this happen. Hoping for sooner rather than later but no ETA as we’re a bit busy working on some major stuff around Apple TV and Android TV.

  • Fix for browser AV sync issues - Done. Just pushed yesterday.

We would love to do EVERYTHING yesterday, but we have to be strategic about our focus and spend in order to grow the company in a responsible and organic way.


I would argue these may not ADD user base, but may help KEEP the user base… The problem is how sensitive / inconsistent the Tablo scan seems to be. As well as some channels work better at certain times of day than others…

Having recently set up a Tablo for my parents, had they been left on their own to do it, they would have returned it. I scanned the channels dozens of times, often getting different lists. Even though some that would come and go had a high signal quality listed they would still drop off about every 3rd time I would scan.

Took me over an hour to eventually get the scan to show the full list I wanted. Once done, none of the channels have had any quality issues.

Another PLUS to manually adding channels would be the ability to add one that might be on the edge, then with the Tablo tuned to it, you can fine tune the antenna…

I know you cant do everything all at once, but I will say your answer reminds me a lot of the responses I got form cable companies when I ask why the new customers get soooo much better deals…

Because they are more interested in adding new people than keeping those who are already bought in, happy…

**** To clarify, I am very happy with my Tablo purchases, but many wont stay that way if they don’t continue to see new features added… Especially ones they are used to having with other OTA Tuner or DVR systems…


One reason people leave cable companies in droves for OTA is because they only offer deals to new customers while existing customers rates keep rising with no new features added. I understand that a business grows by adding new customers, but focusing on them and leaving existing customers wanting is going to be a downfall.

Windows App: While I understand platforms like Roku may be popular, but Windows is the most popular OS in the world. I suspect the reason Windows might not be popular with Tablo users is due to the browser app shortcomings.

5.1 Surround: Most home theater receivers are at 7.1 now. Not having support for 5.1 puts Tablo way behind the times.

Keep existing channels when doing scans and Manual adds: I get channels from a neighboring city that only come in once the sun goes down. Most shows I record are at night, plus I work nights. The whole reason I have a DVR is because I’m not around to watch live. I’m also not around to do a channel scan when all the channels come in at once. I would think this would be a simple code change to “UPDATE” instead of “REPLACE”.

Fix for browser AV sync issues: Update seems to be working. Thank You.

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I appreciate the quick response to where these features rate for upcoming changes, and if they rate at all. Can you speak to what features we can expect to see soon. Is there a road map of fixes, updates, enhancements, etc and dates when we may see them? How far out have you planned? 3mo, 6mo, 1yrs, 2yrs, no planning…just winging it?

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I really don’t think they are winging it, I am sure they have a road-map of some sort but dates change all the time as unexpected issues crop up and eat up all the resources.

The backlash when you say something is coming but takes a while is small compared to what they would get if they said “June 1st” and then missed it…

Besides, I am sure the main reason they don’t publish a road-map is because they don’t want competitors to see it and beat them to the punch…


300% this.

We give you guys as many scoops as we possibly can without shooting ourselves in the foot.

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How about the feature to keep “x” number of episodes? What kind of priority/progress does it have currently? I believe this is also “important for a subset of folks” :slightly_smiling:

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That we’d like to include in that ‘advanced recording features’ screen mentioned above. It’s ready on the firmware side but we need the app guys to have some time to get it into the UI.

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Thanks! Can’t wait for that one :wink:

I approve the time the app guys require to add this into the UI.
Tell them to go ahead. :slightly_smiling:

So we can wait on that Apple TV app then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s things in regard to local pairing? Is that ever gonna change to something along the lines of a user login?

My wife’s laptop had been holding pairing until she needed a new hard drive a few weeks ago…

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Definitely. I don’t think anyone is waiting for that…

Yes, because I don’t have an Apple TV. :wink:

To be honest, I suspect I’m not the only Tablo user that has zero Apple products by choice and has been waiting patiently while you ‘get it over with’. I know Apple TV will help your company with a useful bulletpoint and some vocal customers really want it, but I’d really love for some effort to also go into improving the existing UIs that keep coming up as ‘lower priority’. So yeah, go ahead and finish the Apple TV app, but then maybe throw us a bone and give us 5.1 and ‘Keep x episodes’. Thanks. :slight_smile:


You didn’t mention the T-mobile problem. I hope other S7 users with other carrie4s get it…

That was on my “wish list” too. I notice that @TabloTV has been avoiding your question multiple times and I would assume that they probably haven’t done anything yet. @TabloTV, would you please also let us know the status on the Tmobile S7 issue? Does the fact that there is a workaround solution in the developer option give you enough hint on a permanently fix?

I’ve called a few times but I’m afraid they are going to take longer than the longest time the EPG provider took to get new channel for this problem. Until the update rolls out to other carriers. You and I can’t be the only T-mobile S7 users with Tablo.