Tablo Tiny Remote

Why don’t you guys just come out with a tiny HDMI Remote Unit that plugs in to the TVs HDMI port and connects to Tablo that can perform with speed and reliability and call it a day. This idea of relying on all these different device platforms for your DVR to work in the house reliably every time is ludicrous. There’s always going to be some software update breaking your stuff at the expense of your Customers. At least if it’s your hardware and your software you have complete control of your environment. I think the “any” device concept is nice and you could still continue to support it but from a “works every time” stand, a Tablo Tiny remote device is the way to go. I’d buy one. I think a lot of people here would as opposed to people getting frustrated to no end and eventually switching over to the competition.

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Using my remote with my streaming device is a pleasure. Never fails me. Time to explore current options?

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No. That defeats the whole purpose of the Tablo, which is to be a universal streaming DVR.

I have zero problems with my Roku, FireTv, phones, iPad, and computers. If someone want a single TV DVR, there are other options out there. The Tablo is there for consumers like me that want flexibility.


Because it already exists. Try an Amazon Fire TV stick.

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I didn’t say abandon them, in addition to. You have 0 problems with your Roku? I guess I’m the only one having problems then since the last update.

Who would buy another device that just plays the Tablo app? The huge advantage to using these streaming boxes is that the Tablo app is right there on the same screen as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the like.

I can’t imagine the Tablo folks getting licenses for all these other apps. I am pretty much forced to use the Roku since it supports my anime apps (Crunchyroll and Funimation), while the other streaming boxes do not (though Funimation is coming for FireTv soon).

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Advantage? What difference does it make. So you hit your Input button instead of your back button. People are already doing that now for the Live Tv.

There is no financial incentive for the Tablo folks to do this. HDMI licensing fees are pretty steep, and there are already plenty of streaming devices that play the Tablo app.

So, could you please go over to the “Tablo Exits out Randomly Watching Recorded Show - Roku” and repeat that? Because everyone I’ve talked to including myself has had the same experience since the Roku update.

Basically you want Tablo to create a “TiVo Mini”?

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As another option. Yeah.

No problem. I just did.

No problems here - on latest beta and everything with 2 R3s has been fine. A little slower that NP but only 2-4 sec on FF.

I have too many older TVs with only one HDMI port. A primary reason I wanted to go with Tablo is that my set-top box can be the only device I need connected to my TV for both liveTV/DVR and streaming content. I have been with Tablo for a year this coming summer and have been using the FireTV with no issues ever (except for the vanishing recordings bug that had nothing to do with the device).

The Android TV (Shield, Nexus) people seem to be as happy as I am or more so. What I’ve learned from following these forums is that Roku is not the premium streaming device that so many people want you to believe it is. Yes, it has support for a ton of apps and it is nice that its manufacturer is not tied to content/services, but it sounds like every Roku update breaks a handful of those apps for some people. I do have a Roku unit but was not impressed by the interface. I keep it because I swap it out with the FireTV if the Internet goes down. My husband used Rokus on his TVs but he switched to FireTV after a while as well.

I think the problem here is with Roku, not with Tablo.


actually, thinking more of rebadging the NP as a “Tablo Micro” by loading the app and slapping a Tablo label on it; Keeping support going for all the other platforms/ places but demonstrating a “This is all you need to do it completely right at 1080p”…

(Although I would like it better if Google makes a v2 of the NP with an actual Ethernet port onboard)

This would be similar to what is happening with the Bbox Miami. (French telecom company Bouygues Telecom).

[quote=“foxvalleyal, post:7, topic:7528”]
So you hit your Input button instead of your back button. People are already doing that now for the Live Tv.
[/quote]Not everybody. I have no issues with how Tablo does Live TV, neither does anyone else in my family.

I have to say I agree with @snowcat here, the reason I chose Tablo is because it works with Roku.

Had I wanted to use a stand alone box, I would have went with another option.

I understand its being said they should support both the stand alone streamers AND their own box, but I dont see that as a good business model. They would still have all the crap that comes with trying to continually write software for other boxes as those boxes change AND now they would add on the requirements that come with supporting another physical box that would come with its own failure rate and quirks…

Keep in mind, I AM one having LOTS of issues with the latest Roku Software update, but even with that, I still believe Tablo has chosen the correct (albeit difficult) business model and that is what sets them apart from all the competition.

Just my opinion… :smirk:


I agree, not everybody. I do not want to press the input button. I want a 1 device solution (ATV4). We’ll have to wait and see if the Live TV experience on the ATV4 app is better. It currently would get no family approval here (as bad as it is, I haven’t even shown it to the family yet, or I would have no chance to convince them to switch to Tablo when the ATV4 app comes).

I agree with “foxvalleyal.” I would also like to have a single source hardware solution from Tablo. A HDMI port in the side/end would make me happy.

It doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t accommodate others but that way old guys like me can save the head scratching for other devices. I am looking for easily accessible entertainment, not another challenge.

I’d actually buy that. Bundle one remote box with the Tablo and addl units for $35-$50 USD. Include all the streaming features of Roku and I’m on board!!!

Keep the opinions coming. I’m just throwing it out there. For me, the experience isn’t everything I had hoped for. At the end of the day, I just want to come home and turn the TV on and watch it without having to go and switch to another device because some update broke this or now it runs slow as crap because I upgraded to iOS 9, etc. Opinions and experiences seem to be all over the board here.