Tablo Table by Tablo on Amazon

a table for your tablo… by Tablo? When you click on the link it takes you to Nuvyyo’s tablo devices (which are by tablo as well)

For Price: $265.87 + $127.13 shipping There’s got to be something magical about this plastic composite and wooden ash tablo table, presumably a pedestal.


It doubles as an antenna! J/K.

It’s likely due to the mysteries of Amazon cause we don’t make tables.


Like the Q&A section.
Q: Will this work with my thing
A: IDK I have the other one

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And only $68.84 to assemble it.

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What a bizarre ad. It must be magical.

Did you notice…
The small size shipping weight is 14.3 pounds, but weights only 6.5 grams. That’s 14.2 pounds of packing materials! Must be to protect all that magic.

The large size shipping weight is 28.8 pounds, but weights a whopping 33.1 pounds! I guess once unpacked, the additional magic adds the extra 4.3 pounds.
This is for the Grey one. Different colors have different weights!?

If price indicates quality, it must be a great table.

  • Small $265.87+ $127.13 shipping = $393.00
  • Large $458.19 + 200.25 shipping = $658.44

To protect your investment, you can get a 5 year Protection Plan for only $42.60 - $55.99.
And… If you are in a hurry to get one, you can use expedited shipping, and can get it as soon as August 12-20.

Simply bizarre. Maybe an old April Fool’s joke.
Never the less, it’s a good chuckle to start my day off.

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Was waiting for a Prime Day deal… didn’t happen, so not buying this time around. Maybe on Black Friday.

You may not chance it… Warm Grey is already Currently unavailable.

Where and how is it coming from for $127? Are they built to order at 2-3 weeks?

Mine in on the way and I ordered Expert Assembly for only $61.41 extra.

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From the large version:
Best Sellers Rank #9,317,878 in Home & Kitchen
I see this rising to number one with a bullet soon!

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(waiting for the autographed OC’d “Founder’s Edition” Tablo Table to be released)

The Tablo would look great with the Blue or Warm Grey version of this. As a side benefit, it’s design lends itself to putting some sort of industrial metal mesh over the top, then laying your Tablo gently on that (for those who feel the Tablo runs too hot).

Would that be Engineer Assembly for $122.82 ?

I’d feel more confident in that purchase, with a professional assembly.