Tablo Support Ticket Turnout Time

How long does it normally take to resolve an issue with @TabloSupport?

I’m a new Tablo owner. After setting up Tablo, I get a “weak signal” notification when trying to play live channels. Now, my signal is good because when I connect the coax to my TV directly, everything is fine.

I submitted a ticket, and two days later I got an email response advising me to disconnect the hard drive and see if that helps. I tried that and it didn’t help, which I reported. That was yesterday. Now, there was nothing from Support today, so again it looks like it’s going to take at least 2 days to hear from them.

I understand there are other tickets for Support to take care of and I don’t mind waiting for my turn but if it takes 2 two days to go back and forth for each simple suggestion (try disconnecting your hard drive), it seems very inefficient.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a phone or chat support, so that when your turn comes, someone would actually be assigned to work with you?

What makes this even more frustrating is that all this time I keep the antenna cable connected to Tablo in case the support will want to connect remotely to troubleshoot the unit, which prevents the family from watching TV.

Is this how support works or am I missing something?

They have phone support. Go to the support page and there is a toll free number listed. I have called multiple times and David is awesome.

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Thank you.
I initially clicked on the Support tab and there is no number. After your reply, I found the support number under Contact tab.

@onyshchuk, as I understand it the Tablo splits the incoming signal into 4 streams, this splitting degrades the signal (in the same way that adding cable splitters or having a long cable run does). So you could have a situation where the signal plays fine when direct connected to a TV, but gets the “weak signal” notification on Tablo because of the splitting of the signal. You may want to try an antenna amplifier (placed close to the antenna), or if you have an amplifier already trying one with more gain.

@onyshchuk We strive to maintain a 24-hour response time. It’s possible that this may be a little delayed as things ramp up for the holiday season.

I’ve taken a look on our end and I can’t find anything with your email address (the one associated with your community username) on it. Can you PM me the ticket # you were given, or the email address it would be under? I’ll send over some suggestions in the meantime.

I’ve also given two updates to support since you emailed me with instructions on Tues… nothing back so far.


I just grabbed your ticket and we’re taking a look at it now. For future reference:

Our support system works on a ‘first in, first out’ queue. Unfortunately, if you send multiple messages before receiving a response from our team, it will reset your position in the queue. Effectively, this takes us longer to get back to you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I’ve gotten weak signal a couple of times when not done syncing. I wait until it finishes and try again. Also WEATHER affects signal. For example, I lost my Gettv and Escape which are in Killeen and there was no storm here. If you immediately disconnect from Tablo and connect to TV then it should work.