Tablo Support staff - WHY are you not getting the Roku info out to new Gen 4 users?

First, I appreciate that there’s likely a lot of work you do that we can’t see. But this needs to be said, since it would make your jobs easier, and mean much less frustration on all of your users:

As we’ve read here, you put an email out several weeks ago to affected Roku users on the workaround for correctly setting a channel line-up. Since then, new Tablo Gen 4 users who have Rokus are repeatedly, daily coming to this forum asking for help with the jumbled guide info / channel lineup. And in every one of those, a fellow user tried to relay the workaround to them.

Those users didn’t receive any email upon activating, and weren’t able to find the solution without another Tablo user giving their assistance here.

I’ve already asked here, to Tablo support, at least twice about Tablo communicating this workaround more proactively to new device activations - to no reply. It seems as if there are easy solutions at hand (automatically email all new activations AND pin / post it prominently here on this forum), yet for some reason you’re not bothering to initiate them.

That leads to repeated problem-solving to caring fellow Tablo users here… Imagine, if not us, then who?

Overall, many of these issues the new Tablo has could be very mitigated simply through better communication - the kind of communication that would take just a minimal effort to initiate.

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Hi there @WhenenRome

The email that we had sent to a select group of users was to fix a back-end issue that has now been resolved. The only people who received it were those who were affected.

The issue that some folks are currently seeing on Roku is different and is a bug within the Roku app itself.

It should be resolved with the next release at which point we’ll let everyone know.

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